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Metropolitan Park Hike

The Metropolitan Park represents an unique forest and fauna reserve, located entirely inside the urban perimeter of Panama City, it forms an important Biological Corridor along Soberania National Park.


San Blas Islands Day Trip

Enjoy a relaxing day at the Caribbean Paradise Islands of San Blas.


Day Trip to Portobelo and Caribbean beach

Early Pick up at the hotel to go to the Historical town of Portobelo named by Christopher Columbus on his 4th trip to the Americas in 1502 when he travelled this region. Although nowadays it is a small fishing village, it was once one of Spain’s richest


Rapelling In Cajones de Chame

Our Tour begins picking you up at your lodge in the morning to head to the famous Cajones de Chame via the Scenic way to Chica and Sora.


Hike Soberania & Gatun

The Soberania National Park is 40 minutes away from the city and you will be able to get into the Historical trail of Camino de Cruces. it was built in 1527 by the Spanish Crown, it was once used by merchants, slaves, European explorers and gold seekers


Kayaking In The Chagres River

Explore rowing on a kayak the beautiful Chagres River before it merges at the Gatun lake where the huge vessels and boats transit from Ocean to Ocean. The Chagres river is the main tributary of water of the Canal. A quite waterway, enjoying the sound of t

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