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interest of biologists, anthropologists


Come to Panama!

In Panamá

There are few places on Earth like the Darién. It has peaked the interest of biologists and anthropologists. It is a place with immense beauty and incredible bounty, where the natural world is raw and the indigenous people real.

The Darien Province is located in the eastern end of Panama, and shares a border with Colombia. It is the largest province in Panama and is also the least developed – the landscape is covered by rugged mountains, rivers, virgin forests and beautiful beaches. Also known as the place where the Interamerican Highway ends and the Darién Gap begins. The gap is the only missing link in a system of roads that connects North and South America, all the way from Alaska to Patagonia.

Darien is PANAMA`s last untouched frontier. Home of the magnificent Harpy Eagle (National Bird)

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Top Locations

Chagres National Park

The park has tropical rainforests and mountainous terrain. The park’s rivers – which not only include the Chagres, but also the Pequeni and Boquerón – offer visitors a place to kayak, raft, and fishing.


Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands of Panama is an archipelago that covers around 250 small islands, mostly uninhabited.


San Blas

Panamá. San Blas is a beautiful archipelago comprising more than 350 islands.

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