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The Soberania National Park is 40 minutes away from the city and you will be able to get into the Historical trail of Camino de Cruces. it was built in 1527 by the Spanish Crown, it was once used by merchants, slaves, European explorers and gold seekers.

You will have the opportunity to observe many different species of plants and animals. The Soberania National Park is part of a biological corridor that goes all the way from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore you will observe many birds, mammals and reptiles.

To continue the tour you will be taken to the local Gatun pier to embark a small boat through the Panama Canal into secret waterways to find hidden islands monkeys’ favorites. Capuchin and howler monkeys can be seen jumping on the trees above. Occasionally, they become curious of the visitors and venture down to take a closer look.


  • Tour duration: Approximately 5 hours.
  • The staffs speaks English.

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