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About the Capital

The Capital of the Republic of Panama is the most cosmopolitan and modern city of the region; Panama City is both a vibrant metropolis and a gateway to tropical escapes. A crossway which connects east and west, it is a hub of trade and immigration. The resulting cultural cocktail forges a refreshing attitude.

The Capital is a mix of traffic jams, wayward taxis and casinos stacked between chic clubs and construction sites. A center of international banking and trade, the sultry skyline of shimmering glass and steel towers. In contrast, Casco Viejo has become a thriving colonial neighborhood where cobblestones link boutique hotels with underground bars and crumbled ruins with pirate lore.

Panama is above all known due to its canal, probably one of the most impressive engineering work in the world; nevertheless, the city is also fascinating due to its historical past,ethnographic wealth and extraordinary biodiversity.

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Top Locations

Chagres National Park

The park has tropical rainforests and mountainous terrain. The park’s rivers – which not only include the Chagres, but also the Pequeni and Boquerón – offer visitors a place to kayak, raft, and fishing.


Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands of Panama is an archipelago that covers around 250 small islands, mostly uninhabited.


San Blas

Panamá. San Blas is a beautiful archipelago comprising more than 350 islands.

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