More than 350 islands

San Blas

Come to Panama!

Tropical Archipielago

San Blas is a beautiful archipelago comprising more than 350 islands. It is located from the Golfo de San Blas nearly all the way to the Colombian border.

Only 49 islands are inhabited by the independent Kuna Yala Indians. The Kuna Indians, who run all the islands as an autonomous province with minimal interference from the national government, they maintain their own economic system, language, customs and culture, with distinctive dress, legends, music and dance and thus have avoided traditional tourism development.

Facilities are few and simple, as is the food but the place is amazing.

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Top Locations

Chagres National Park

The park has tropical rainforests and mountainous terrain. The park’s rivers – which not only include the Chagres, but also the Pequeni and Boquerón – offer visitors a place to kayak, raft, and fishing.


Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands of Panama is an archipelago that covers around 250 small islands, mostly uninhabited.


Bocas del Toro

Province of Panama comprising an island chain off the Caribbean coast, plus a section of nearby mainland with biodiverse rainforest. Isla Colón, the main island, is home to the capital, Bocas Town, a central hub with restaurants, shops and nightlife.

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